It is the policy of CCD that all potential students must fill out and submit an application form and relevant documentation required. An incomplete application form could delay the admission process. Please take time and care when filling out the application form. Application forms can be found on CCD’s website, CCD’s reception and can also be emailed to you.

Students will not be allowed to attend any classes until all of the enrollment procedures and policies have been fully completed and adhered to.

Equal Opportunities :

CCD is an equal opportunity college and all potential students have equal opportunities. CCD does not discriminate against: race; age; religion; marital status; ethnic minority; sexual orientation; culture; nationality; disability or a member of the travelling community.

Student Guidance :

CCD provides assistance and guidance to help students choose the right course which best match their aspirations.

Data Protection :

CCD ensures that security, safety and confidentiality of all information provided to the college by the student.

Fee payment :

CCD requires that all course fees are paid in advance of enrollment to the college. Students will not be permitted to attend any classes until full fees have been paid. In some circumstances payments can be made in installments, for more information on eligibility for payment installment plans contact the admission office.

Entry/Course Requirements :

Entry requirements for each course must be adhered to fully. Full details of entry requirements can be found on our website

Documentation Requirements :

The following documentation must be provided for all applicants prior to admission:

  • Proof of identification such as a birth certificate or a passport must be provided for all applicants
  • Applicants transferring from another college must provide a letter of attendance, a reference may also be required from your previous college
  • Previous course results if applicable
  • English language qualification certificates such as TOEFL, iELTS or Cambridge for students whose first language is not English.

Declaration of Prior Convictions :

CCD take careful consideration in the application of students. All applicants will be required to declare any previous convictions/criminal offences. In cases where a student has a criminal record CCD will carry out an assessment of the implications and risk in relation to other students and the college prior to admission being granted.

Admission Assessment Policy :

All applicants who apply for admission to CCD will be assessed fairly and consistently in line with our equal opportunities policy based on the information provided.

College Admission Rights :

CCD reserves the right to refuse admission without having to give reason. If a student is unsuccessful in their application they may reapply for admission in the following semester.